Software Engineers are FREE All The Time?

9 Jun

It is actually amazing to see how people working on the computers are completely idle most of the time. Yes, I am talking about you. And your spare time is the main reason why you are staring at the screen right now and reading this article.

This goes around in almost all the IT companies or companies where there are computers. You will often find people walking around with huge coffee or tea mugs in their hands. That is the reason why we observe them playing table tennis or basket ball in their offices backyards, and winning bets while eating samosaz and rooh afzah in order to beat the scorching weather.

Most of them belong to the IT world and have a large sum of spare time. Is this is a statement?

But seriously, think about it. How come do they have spare time?

If I am wrong in any of my claims above then you have to move forward and point a finger at me. because you might be one of them I am referring to. AND guess what you never knew what people think about you at your back. I finally brought it in front of you CONGRATULATIONS-

My Excuse- The Truth IS Out There.

Note: These results have not been plagiarized from any other website or book. But if you find them anywhere else the responsibility of plagiarism lies completely on your shoulders. Why? Well I honestly don’t have an answer to my vague statement.

read the rest at CodeWeek


2 Responses to “Software Engineers are FREE All The Time?”

  1. Abdul Mateen June 19, 2010 at 7:46 am #

    Nice one, but a joke 🙂

  2. Sara July 31, 2010 at 7:04 pm #

    yes 🙂
    it is just for the sake of fun and entertainment
    But others took it seriously *wondering why*

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