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The dot-pk Bubble Burst

4 Oct

Are you a Pakistani?  Or more appropriately, are you a Proud Pakistani? Then you must be aware of the dot-pk boom. How many of you have changed your domain to dot-pk? Or are you still waiting for your turn in that queue. Because, the dot-pk revolution has made its mark across the World Wide Web by changing the image of Pakistan at a remarkable speed.

As I quoted earlier,

Where print lacks, electronic rules.

But this timeI would like to spin the quotation and say,

Where print and electronic lacks, ONLINE rules. Dot-pk rules.

The dot-pk tide is taking everything and everyone in its folds. Transforming the era for generations to come and making every Pakistani proud of himself and his ‘Land of Pure’. Let us take on a ride today, where we will present various Pakistani companies who have deliberately and consciously joined the DOT-PK tide.

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State of Software Industry in Jinnah’s Word

1 Oct

The great people who founded, fathered, and led this nation, left the world at a time when Pakistan was only in its initial stages. This week we have brought in front of you an exclusive interview carried out on behalf of Software Industry. We present to you our Founding father…

Wait a minute. Did we just quote founding father!!

Yes! Time to be surprised because today we have for you Mohammad Ali Jinnah, who will enlighten us on the State of Software Industry, where it stands today and how to make it prosper in the leading world markets.

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