Underpaid Developers: Is There a Solution?

23 Nov

Here’s a scenario: My grandfather claims that he is an excellent cook. We don’t really have any chefs around for testing, and there is no cooking license anywhere in the world. This makes him lucky, because he is a terrible cook. I always felt as if I was in a mortal danger with the kind of food he cooked and the way we had to gulp it down our throats.  The elders would make an excuse and disappear. And yet, my grandfather considered himself the best chef of the world.

I always thought why? Did he ever taste the food he cooked?

Similarly, in the professional world we come across many developers who consider themselves excellent in their work.  But in reality they don’t really know where exactly they go wrong.

“I have been working for the same company from the past ten years. I am over worked, exhausted and underpaid. What should be my next step?” an XYZ developer.

With ten years of experience this particular developer should have been flying high in terms of salary and position. Instead of asking for advice, he would have been offered excellent salary and excellent position. But being stuck at one particular position and at the same company, there must be problem somewhere there.

There are many IT professionals especially developers and programmers, who claim that they have excellent technical skills but are underpaid in IT Industry. Search for one and there will be thousands out there complaining.  Just sitting at a café during lunch hours one can easily come across many.

You must be thinking what exactly has this situation to do with my grandfather being a terrible cook.

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