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Art of writing- First 30 secs- because it all begins with A COPY-EE :D…

18 Feb

Fast and Furious 3 had an amazing opening scene. It caught my attention and kept me involved from the beginning till the very end. But guess what, that is the only part of the movie that I really remember, the rest is dead and gone. I ask myself the question, what exactly is the reason behind it.

Whenever I want appear online and read a new article, I go through the first three lines. Read them and decide whether to move forward with the reading (of that particular article) or not. Most of the time, I don’t. Because the first three lines are never the first thirty seconds of Fast and Furious 3, obviously the rest is history.

These days my focus has been more on reading than writing.  And the key to writing the best article is focusing on the first and the last paragraph.

Inverted pyramid, which I always ignored, has a new angle to it. The inverted pyramid stands on top of another pyramid. They together make the whole article complete.

Important stuff right at the top and the fluff should remain somewhere in the middle in minute quantity, and then resume with the best bit, ending your piece with the beginning.

The first few seconds rate a movie or a written article. These are the seconds which help you determine whether you want to move forward or not. Without them everything will fall completely flat.

Developed my very own style of writing,

because it all starts with A COPY-EE :D…