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Slogan vs. Headline

10 Feb

Would it be wrong to say that writing headlines is exactly similar to writing slogans?

Or are slogans, headlines?

Well afew seconds back I discovered that it is exactly the same and  different at the same time.

What makes is similar: The Jumping Affect

Simple, Short, Clear and catchy.

Whenever I write an article I don’t usually come up with a headline, until I am done with it. But when I am through with it, the headline just jumps into my mind. The reason of this Jumping affect is due to the constant ongoing process of writing. This whole process is also known as brain storming, okay you just dint know it. Oh! I came up with another phrase The jumping Affect. Some also call it the Aha moment.

Aha moment.

So, once you have formed and written something by yourself you don’t have to look here and there for the headline/title. Because the idea, the catchy affect comes directly from within that particular piece. It develops over time and leads towards perfection till you end it, but only through constant practice.

First you need to know your audience, what they want and what appeals them the most. Throw things at them, their will only be two reactions in return. Either they will comment and praise or they will completely ignore and in exceptional cases they will throw stones at you. (this was a joke don’t take it too seriously). It won’t take you long in knowing the result, but improving through the result will require a little time.

In total, you have only two types of audiences. Those who read and those who don’t. Those who read start from the headline, often compromise on their lack of spark (continue reading) because sometimes  the first paragraph makes up for the sloppy headline.

The other, who don’t read, they skim through headlines only, they don’t compromise at all.

The non readers are the real audiences, if one wants to learn copywriting. Get hold of a non-reader and check your headlines with them. They are the real critics.

What makes it different?

You have to produce a line out of nowhere. One line which sums up everything, has the 5 Ws. This is what I have been doing from the past few hours. I ended up writing a whole article on my experience of writing a simple straight forward line. I have come up with many lines during this whole crazy brainstorming process lets see which one makes its mark.