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Ruby In Silver

2 Mar

Want an addition of semi-precious stone, here I present to you The Red Ruby. Silver and Ruby when combined together enhance  each other,. I brought the two together.

So what do you plan to do?

Copy it?


Simply Buy it….:)


Egyptian Spiral Earing

2 Mar

Here is for all of you, the Egyptian Spiral Earing, made and designed by Sara Waqar Khan i.e me :).

Made is Sterling Silver they sure give one a classy look. You can copy design if you wish to, I will just feel proud of my self :p

But, if you want to reward me and make me even more happier, contact me in order to buy them, because from now onwards they are for SALE.

Kashmir Solidarity Day- Your Contribution?

11 Feb

5th February marked another year for the Kashmiris Fighting hard for independence.

What has been your contribution? Zero…

I remember those 14th August days, when almost everyone was on their rooftop at 8 am in the morning. With paper flags, a dori and bowl full of paste made of water and flour. Used all these to decorate the entire house.

Those days are long gone…

But this year InshaAllah it will be different. With kids coming for holidays, I will make sure that we will celebrate 14th August with all the spirit that used to be.

Kashmiris are still fighting for their lives, and we who have Freedom, fail to realize its importance.

It’s a pity.