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To All The Party Animals Out There:Get Your Tickets NOW :d

19 Feb

Below is a set of methods for a wannabe who wishes to pursue his/her career in a successful attendance of high profile concerts, fashion shows and, last but not at all least, dance parties. Now I am here to help you all, but hey! I don’t give advice for free and never perform any extraordinary deed without a plan, for, in back of my devilish mind there are ulterior motives, which you need not to know.

This article is for that insignificant sole who does not have any sense of self-respect, or dignity. In short, a high profile looser.

P.S if you do then please skip to the next article, do not waste your insignificant time.

So, open your peewee eyes close your gigantic mouth and listen carefully. In order to be successful there are many methods involved which are as follows.

P.S if you fail in all, try them again, and then again and again, for life asks for a lot of hard work and effort.

Quest: 1

1.       Discovery of a pass or a ticket. (free of charge, obviously)

Tactic 1:

This method is the easiest one possible, all you have to do is to spread your hands right in front of you, fall on your knees, tears, one or two and BEG!!!!!!

(Beg only those who have the object of success) somebody somewhere will show some pity and take you along. But the requirement is to be as “Lichar” and “chichar” as you can be. Dash around and call whoso ever you can think of, let your imagination go wild. Don’t look back, success is what lies ahead, either succeed or die, there is no turning back.

Caution: you might end up getting slapped and spat at but please do not squish your hope like a tomato, these emotionless warm-blooded mammals do not understand your feelings. Otherwise 100% success guaranteed.

But even if you don’t succeed, please don’t come to me with weeping. I have another method for you.

Tactic 2:

This is the easiest way out; all you have to do is to spread the word around, adding the fact, that you’re single. Guys complain that this technique is a total failure. To them I will only advice, use your common sense, times have changed there are many single women seeking single men, and single men seeking single women, and many men seeking single men, and single women seeking single women. So go for it. But even then you don’t succeed, and then I am sorry to declare the fact, that you are a total disgrace to our society and its morality.

Please don’t come to me, weeping. I have another method for you, I guarantee you success will be on your doorsteps.

Tactic 3:

The next method is very significant and complex since it requires a lot of experience and expertise.

Make friends, lots of friends, of every make, model and number, no matter who they are, your motto should be to “meet more people”. The rest will become very easy, invitations will flock around you. But by that time you will be too old and no longer interested so please skip to the next method.

Tactic 4:

This method is usually acquired when all the rest are a total disaster.

This method has a very powerful and a supreme persona involved, and the method involves only one thing to be performed every passing second, and that is to


If all these methods fail then I am sorry to announce that you are a worthless, insignificant and a hollow cocoon, which can never move forward in life.

Now since you have already wasted my precious time and your time is of no significance please kindly skip to the next article. But if you still need more methods consult the book 1001 ways of success.

(This Article was published in Gen-y International, written by me :)….cheers)